Financial Planning is no longer a luxury,
but a necessity!

Welcome! I am very happy you are here. This step means you are taking a step to invest in your financial future and committed to changing your financial situation. Currently, we live in a day and age where we are influenced by social media that entices us to have an “I want it now” perspective.  Instead, I challenge you to become influenced by some key 360 Lifetime thoughts:

  • How did you get where you are today?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What principles guide your important decisions?
  • How do you define success and how do you want to be remembered?

My team and I will ensure your financial goals and aspirations meet your “want it now” desires, while planning forlong-term objectives.  As a dedicated and experienced financial expert, I will be your accountability partner, a mentor to keep you motivated while providing step-by-step tools and advice to ensure your plan is successful. No matter the stage or phase you are in your life, I am committed to creating a realistic journey that will yield results.

Raised in a small town in Alabama and as an Air Force veteran, I understand the importance of financial goals and having a strategic approach to accomplish them.  I will inspire, uplift and teach you using authentic and comprehensible techniques that make managing finances a more doable task. In this partnership, we will move forward with confidence that exudes financial responsibility.

Are you excited? Because I am! No matter where you are in the world, 360 Lifetime will join you on your journey. The first step is understanding exactly where you stand and where you truly desire to be. Get your Free Financial Checkup today!


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B.S. in Business Management
MBA. in Business Administration and Leadership
Certified Financial Planning Counselor (CPFC)
Certified Tax Professional (CTP)

P.S. I look forward to celebrating your financial achievements together.

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Spend all (or more than what they make)


Lack a rainy day fund.


Of millennials worry about their debt.

Our Reality

Today’s we face major financial challenges. People are being forced to downsize their goals and dreams — to settle for less. At 360 Lifetime, we show our clients how to change their financial life using a holistic, yet simple approach.

We teach our clients fundamental financial principles that aren’t taught in school and believe understanding how to manage money, invest, pursue entrepreneurship and taxes are critical factors to retiring early and creating a secure financial future.

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