360 Life Changer

This plan will focus on every aspect of your Financial future and is designed for individuals who want to accomplish their short, mid, and long term goals. We start with 3 goals: debt, emergency savings, and money management with the ultimate goal of building wealth. This plan is comprehensive, yet broken down into actionable baby steps so that you can focus on every aspect of your financial goals.

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    We will ensure you are saving enough for both current and future retirement. Whether you want to save for a wedding, new home, or open a new business.  We can help you navigate through your finances to achieve your saving and investment goals.

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    Did you know that the average American pays 16% in taxes and every taxpayer pays 7.65 in Social Security and Medicare; that’s almost 24% of your paycheck.  We will devise a strategy which focuses on minimizing your tax liability so that you can keep your hard earned income in your pocket.

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    Debt Management Plan

    We will develop a debt payoff plan to show you exactly how much you should be paying each month.  With this plan, you will know the exact date you will be debt free. Our average client saves over $6,000 in interest alone in pays off their debt 3 years earlier.

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    We will design a budget specific for your spending and saving.  We realize everyone’s financial situation is different and will develop a budget specific to your financial needs. This step is critical in order to start building wealth.

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    We will review your credit and devise a plan to manage your credit holistically.  If needed, we can offer trade lines if needed for individuals who may not have good credit to improve their credit or refer you to our credit specialist partners.

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    Investing & Life Insurance

    We will identify the amounts needed for life insurance and investments based on your Financial goals.  Our partners will complete a free Portfolio analysis to ensure your investments are on the right track and Free Life Insurance needs analysis.