360 Budget Starter

A budget is the foundation of your financial life and a prerequisite to building wealth. In this partnership, you will learn how to manage your money and gain the discipline you need to reach your financial goals. This plan is designed for individuals who want to make smarter decisions about managing their money and gain a sense of control.

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    Reduce Debt

    We will set up a budget to capture all of your debt and spending to ensure your debt is minimized, with a key focus on debt-to-income ratio management.

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    Start Saving

    We will ensure you are saving for your current goals and future aspirations. Whether you want to save for a wedding, new home, or open a new business.  We can help you navigate through your finances to achieve your saving goals.

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    Spending Analysis & Assessment

    We often hear, I don’t know where my money is going.   To ensure your spending plan is a success, we will analyze your spending to determine where your money is going and make financial recommendations.

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    Smarter Money Decisions

    We realize managing finances can be stressful. Many individuals don’t know how much should be allocated for housing, debt or spending.  We will educate you with the financial knowledge to enable you to make smarter money decisions.